From Analysis to Successful Controlling

We facilitate the balance between the various factors relevant for the success of your company. Together, we solve problems, help you to break new ground and accompany you in the long term changes. To achieve the set objectives we use a proven methodology whose starting point is a thorough analysis of specific corporate events and concerns. This is followed by the design and implementation of appropriate measures and training, the result of which will provide meticulous control of the optimisation processes for your business.

Basics/Mission Statement

The person in business is our focus.
We see ourselves as a catalyst and can fall back on over 15 years of experience in the national and international market. In order to meet the high level of responsibility that is the basis of our work, we consistently follow our principles:

  • High quality standards
  • Holistic approach with an entrepreneurial focus
  • Commitment to clients and their stakeholders and shareholders
  • Clear focus on implementation and the elimination of barriers
  • Delivery of measurable results
  • Sustainability of services provided


Every company is unique. Even yours with its own history, its people, its culture, its opportunities and possibilities. Just as with people, businesses are best supported on an individual basis. That's why we work with you within a defined time frame on a concept and active programme of analysis, objectives, tasks and controlling accompanied by reliable and intense support.

Initially, the analysis of the current situation of your company is established. At this stage the following issues are documented:

  • Are you able to motivate employees towards the company's goals?
  • Does your vision have enough power to meet the challenges of the future?
  • Is your business clearly recognisable from its competitors?
  • Does the structure of your organisation support success?
  • In a crisis, is your business capable of making the necessary changes fast enough?
  • Do you promote development and creativity?
  • Do you speak to your customers more about services than about prices?
  • Do you actively manage customer relationships?
  • Do your your customers feel that they and their needs are more important to you than the features of your products?
  • Are you able to inspire your customers?
  • Are you able to promote an entrepreneurial mindset upon your employees?
  • Do you qualify your staff strategically?
  • Is networking and inter-departmental collaborations part of the daily practise of your organisation?


When all questions have been answered and the analysis has been delivered documenting the requirements, the design phase follows. This is divided into the rough concept and the subsequently finely tuned concept:

Rough concept for consideration

  • the objectives / required documents
  • the target groups
  • the time frame
  • the budgets
    Detailed concept with
  • Outlining of issues
  • Selection of appropriate methodology
  • Organisation of measures to be taken
  • Leadership involvement
    Monitoring of results


Once the concept has been determined, the training phase follows. In this case, training sessions alternate with practical sessions. The entire training is a consistent progression towards your clearly defined goal. Each step, each phase builds onto the next. The results are repeatedly checked and internal and external support systems are intensely developed.

Practical orientation, process supervision, feedback and monitoring - these are our tools.
Our methods are listening, questioning, directing, motivating, correcting and stabilising.


On the completion of training, the optimisation measures are not yet been completed, since a monitoring of results is also implemented. We perform projected and actual comparisons, that is a comparison of initial objectives compared to the inspection results. Should discrepancies be recognised, we make appropriate proposals to achieve the defined objectives in the wake of the results, or together with you, we define new goals to be realised in the future.


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