Change seen as Challenge and Opportunity

The aim of our training: individual support that promotes your strengths and self-image. Forces are released, that actively cause change and new directions.

NEWAYS Training on the Job - direct references to the company and to work makes learning more tangible and so more successful.

World Class Sales Organisation

World Class Sales Organisation

Training on the topic "World Class Sales Organisation" provides the basis for building a first class sales organisation for your company - from strategy to evaluation and reward systems!



Effective leadership has to be learned! What is the profile of requirements of today's managers ? In our training, we work on all issues that are important and relevant and that build the basis for your business success.



Successful selling is dependent on many factors: from company-specific sales management skills and personal attitude to negotiation skills of the individual sellers. All aspects must be considered!

Special Trainings

Training Themes

Strategic development, Relating® or relationship management, thinking strategies and methodology, effective teamwork, successful trade fairs, optimal phone performance and more - our training sessions cover all topics of everyday business life! And much more - our training cover all topics of everyday business life!



With Sim:Vendo® sales processes may be simulated from the eye of the salesperson, client or impartial third person - fast, cost effective, scalable and efficient. An innovative method for successful sales!  

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